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About Eringold Enterprises

Eringold Calf Milk Replacers is the result of many years of research and development by Schils on large calf rearing farms in Holland and Belgium.


The primary concern of every farmer is that the calves stay healthy and grow quickly over the first three months. It is with this in mind that the Eringold Brand was developed and has proven to play a major role on many farms throughout the UK and Ireland.

If calves are healthy it goes without saying that they will grow and thrive. The distinctive composition of the powder in Eringold means that stomach upset in calves are more rare thus feed intake is increased resulting in earlier weaning age , less calf losses and low veterinary costs. This is mainly attributed to the fact that each bag of Eringold milk replacer contains “Schils Protection Plus ” as standard which means the calves are receiving polyclonal antibodies and probiotic bacteria to stimulate the good bugs so as to fight of the risk of scours.

Live yeast is also included thus accelerating and stimulating the calves own immunity against disease. Farmer’s continually comment on how quickly their calves start eating concentrates.

The Eringold calf milk replacers range consists of the Eringold Super, Eringold Super OXI and Eringold Extra. All products can be fed through automatic machines or bucket fed. Schils have been producing milk replacers for the UK and Irish market since early 1990’s in association with Robert Mollan of Eringold Enterprises Ltd. As a result of this Schils have been loyal supporters of the farming industry in the UK and Ireland Schils have no milk production facility of their own so all raw materials used in the manufacture of their milk powders has to be bought in Schils have a policy of sourcing raw materials from countries that sell their products hence approximately 12 thousand tons of Whey and Skim have made their way to Holland from the UK and Ireland within the last 2 years.

Schils have been actively sourcing Friesian and continental bull calves in the UK and Ireland which have been transported to their large rearing farms in Holland and Belgium.


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