Calf Aid

Calf Aid

Nutrients to support growth, immunity and health.

C-Guard, Omega 3, Prebiotic, Trace Elements, Vitamins, Chelates

Micro Nutrient oral paste formulated specifically for new born calves and young calves at times of stress, to support:

  • The emerging immune system
  • Growth rates
  • Appetite

Instructions for use:

  • Orally feed during the critcial period after birth. For new born calves, feed the contents of one whole syringe to the back of the calf’s mouth within the first 12 hours of life.
  • Repeat when necessary for weaker calves.
  • Re Coccidiosis – Apply 2 syringes, 5 days apart when a problem is found ie. Day 21 and day 26 of life.
  • Re Crprto – One syringe Day 1 of life and again one syringe day 5 of life.

Storage Conditions

Store in a dry place (between 5-28°C) in original container. Keep out of direct sun light. Do not freeze.


12 x 30ml paste tubes per box. 4 boxes per outer.

Analytical Constituents:

Moisture 78.6%, Crude Ash
1.5%, Crude Protein 1.9%, Crude Oil 1.5%, Crude Fibre
0.1%, Sodium 0%.


Flax Oil (Source of Omega 3 – 5%),
Glucose, Seaweed Extract, Yeast Cell Wall, Oregano,
Rosemary, Garlic.

Additives per Litre: Vitamins:

α tocopherol -3a700 7,000mg, Vitamin D3 – E671
137,500iu, Vitamin A – E672 500,000iu, Thiamine,
Hydrochloride 625mg, Riboflavin 100mg, Pyridoxine
Hydrochloride 80mg, Calcium-D-Pantothenate 300mg,
Folic Acid 37mg, Cyanocobalamin 875mcg,
Nicotinamide 800mg, Ascorbic Acid E300 210mg,
Biotin 200mcg.
Trace elements:
Cobalt Carbonate
Monohydrate E3 151mg, Sodium Selenite E8 39mg,
Calcium Iodate anhydrous E2 403mg, Ferrous chelate
of glycine hydrate E1 1,562mg, Zinc chelate of glycine
hydrate E6 7,500mg, Cupric chelate of glycine hydrate
E4 8,125mg,
Manganese chelate of glycine hydrate E5


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