Eringold Extra

Eringold Extra

Eringold Extra is the highest quality calf milk replacer in our range and the ultimate choice for nurturing and developing healthy calves right from the start.

With this product, you can ensure the optimal growth and well-being of your calves.

This calf milk replacer is carefully formulated using the finest ingredients. It provides a balanced blend of essential proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals that are crucial for the early stages of calf development.

Here's why our calf milk replacer stands out:

Unparalleled Quality:

We prioritize quality above all else. Our milk replacer undergoes rigorous testing and adheres to the highest industry standards. It is carefully crafted to deliver consistent nutrition and promote healthy growth.

Complete Nutrition:

Our product offers a comprehensive nutritional profile that supports calf development and immune system function. It contains the perfect balance of proteins for muscle and bone growth, healthy fats for energy, and essential vitamins and minerals for overall well-being.

Digestibility and Palatability:

We understand the importance of easy digestion and palatability for young calves. Our milk replacer is formulated to be highly digestible, ensuring optimal absorption of nutrients. It also boasts a delicious taste and smell, encouraging calves to consume it eagerly.

Performance-Driven Results:

Our calf milk replacer has a proven track record of delivering outstanding results. Farmers and calf rearers who have used our product report healthy, robust calves with improved growth rates, stronger immune systems, and reduced instances of digestive issues.

Expert Support:

Alongside our top-notch product, we offer comprehensive support from our team of experts. We're dedicated to assisting you in maximizing the benefits of our calf milk replacer, providing guidance on feeding protocols, troubleshooting, and answering any questions you may have. Investing in the highest quality calf milk replacer is investing in the future of your herd. With our product, you can rest assured that you're providing the best nutrition possible to your calves, setting them up for a lifetime of health and productivity. Give your calves the advantage they deserve with our exceptional calf milk replacer.


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