Eringold Extra

Eringold Extra

Eringold Extra is for the famers who want extra from their calves.

The quality and digestibility of the product means calves can be fed from 125g to 180g of powder per litre of water, without fear of digestive upsets. Recent trials have proven that calves that have been fed on a high amount of powder in the first 12 weeks of life will pay back huge dividends in their future growth and especially in replacement heifers first lactation.

Eringold Extra can be fed successfully through to weaning at 6,7 or 8 weeks for age if preferred. Due to its very easy digestibility, calves will have a good intake of dry feed. So that weaning will be smooth and trouble free process.

Eringold Extra contains:
The Schils Protection Plus Package which has the following three advantages:

  • Earlier weaning age
  • Less calf losses
  • Lower veterinary costs

Eringold Extra is:

  • Highly digestible
  • 85% of milk products
  • Easy mixing
  • Extremely palatable

Eringold Extra is ideally suited for:

  • Once or twice daily bucket feeding
  • Bucket as well as machine feeding
  • All types of calves

Mixing Instructions.

Add the required amount of powder to water at 50-55oC (120-130oF). Whisk briskly. Add cold or hot water to obtain the required concentration and to achieve the correct feeding temperature of 42oC (15oF).

Feeding Instructions.

These feeding instructions are a guide for calves entering the unit at 45kg liveweight. The instructions might have to be adjusted according to liveweight and the breed of calf.

It is vital that the calves have free access to fresh drinking water and concentrated feed at all times.

Calves should consume at least 1.2kg to 1.5kg coarse mixture or calf pellets per day before weaning at 6,7 or 8 weeks as preferred.


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