Eringold Super OXI

Eringold Super OXI

Introducing our revolutionary calf milk replacer with an added respiratory boost, designed to provide support to your calves' respiratory health.

With this unique formulation, you can ensure the well-being and performance of your calves while safeguarding them against respiratory challenges.

The Eringold milk replacer range is already renowned for its exceptional quality and comprehensive nutrition. Now, we have taken it a step further by incorporating a carefully selected respiratory additive. Here’s why our product with a respiratory boost is a game-changer:

Enhanced Respiratory Support:

The respiratory additive in our milk replacer is specifically formulated to strengthen the respiratory system of young calves. It contains natural ingredients that promote lung health, support immune function, and improve respiratory capacity, reducing the risk of respiratory illnesses.

Complete Nutrition:

In addition to the respiratory benefits, our milk replacer still provides the same exceptional nutritional profile as our standard product. It offers a balanced blend of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals essential for the overall growth and development of calves.

Digestibility and Palatability:

We understand that calves need a milk replacer that is easy to digest and appealing to their taste buds. Our product excels in both areas, ensuring optimal nutrient absorption and encouraging calves to consume it eagerly.

Proven Results

The combination of high-quality nutrition and respiratory support has shown remarkable results in calf health and performance. Farmers who have used our calf milk replacer with the respiratory boost have reported fewer respiratory issues, improved growth rates, and healthier, more resilient calves.

Expert Guidance:

We stand by our commitment to provide exceptional support to our customers. Along with our product, our team of experts is available to guide you through the best practices for feeding, respiratory health management, and overall calf care. We're here to ensure you get the most out of our calf milk replacer with the respiratory additive.

Investing in our calf milk replacer with a respiratory boost is investing in the long-term health and productivity of your herd. By proactively addressing respiratory challenges at an early stage, you can give your calves a head start in life. Trust in our exceptional product to provide comprehensive nutrition and superior respiratory support, ensuring your calves thrive and reach their full potential.


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