Eringold Super

Eringold Super

Eringold Super is one of the most successful products in the Eringold range. This specially designed milk replacer provides highest nutritional value. Top quality proteins are carefully selected from milk and vegetable sources to provide the required balance of amino acids.

Eringold Super contains the Schils Protection Plus Package, which gives extra protection during the calves’ rearing period.

Scientific research has proven that the calf’s rearing costs wil rise rapidly if the use of the medication increases. Schils’ aim in calf rearing is to give the calf extra protection during the rearing period. This is achieved by adding the Schils Protection Plus Package in the milk replacer range.

Which factors in the Schils Protection Plus Package are responsible for the famer’s and the calf’s benefits?

  1. Feed-intake: the purity of the human food quality raw materials stimulates the feed-intake.
  2. Well-balanced micro-flora: lactic acid stimulates the growth of the good guys to create the right micro-flora.
  3. Feed-digestion: the functioning of the microvilli in the intestine is stimulated and maintained to secure the maximal milk replacer digestion.
  4. Immunity: the calf’s own immunity is stimulated and accelerated by the application of specially selected yeast.
  5. Cross-infection: cross-infection between calves in group housing through the faeces is prevented by using specific oligossacharides.


The Schils Protection Plus Package which has the following three advantages:

  • Earlier weaning age
  • Less calf losses
  • Lower veterinary costs

Eringold Super is ideally suited for:

  • Once or twice daily bucket feeding
  • Bucket as well as machine feeding

Eringold Super is:

  • Highly digestible
  • Mildly acidified
  • Easy mixing

Mixing Instructions.

Add the required amount of powder to water at 50-55oC (120-130oF). Whisk briskly. Add cold and/or hot water to bring the mix to the required concentration and feeding temperature of 24oC/warm (recommended) and 15oC/cold.

Feeding Instructions.

Automatic Milk Dispenser: Eringold Super can be used for automatic machines. A concentration of 125 grams per litre is recommended with a mixing bowl water temperature of 42oC.

Bucket Feeding: These feeding instructions are a guide for calves entering the unit at 40-42 kg liveweight. The instructions have to be adjusted according to liveweight and the breed of calf. It is advisable to supply the calves with electrolytes for the first time, especially when the calves come from the market or have travelled for a long period of time.

Eringold Super includes polyconal antibodies and probiotic bacteria for colostrum supplementation and gut conditioning to boost the calf’s own defence against a broad spectrum of common disorders.

Introduce coarse mixture of calf pellets and water after 4 days. Calves should eat at least 1kg coarse mixture or calf pellets per day before weaning at 5-6 weeks.


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