25kg and 10kg Bags

Novilam W has extra protection from natural polyclonal antibodies, probiotic bacteria, vitamins and minerals.

Novilam W’s features are:

  1. Mix at 200g per litre of water
  2. Easy to mix at feeding temperature (40-45oC)
  3. Ensures an early weight gain
  4. Has an unique anti-scour ingredient

Because you can feed more per day than with many other lamb milk products, the lambs will grow faster and keep healthier.

  1. The lamb can drink as much as you or it wants without any dietary upsets
  2. At this early stage the lamb needs as much nutrition as it can take for health and growth
  3. When lambs are fed Novilam, there is no need to worry for scouring or bloat
  4. With Novilam, the lamb will move on to solids easily and comfortably

Novilam W is recommended for:

  • Rearing (motherless) lambs.
  • Fattening lambs
  • Rearing and fattening of goats.

Novilam W is:

  • Easy mixing.
  • Competitively priced.


For any inquiries please email / call

Chris Mollan:

077 3906 1672 (North)

087 655 7575 (South)