Piglet Milk Feeder

Piglet Milk Feeder

The automatic, flexible feeding system for your piglets.

Quick and easy supplementary feeding, whenever and wherever needed.

This new and unique feeding system for piglets mimics the sows milk by
supplying fresh piglet milk 24 hours a day, fully automatic. This means the piglets can
maintain the natural suckling pattern.


The Pigipro ALFF system is also very easy and fast to install in the farrowing area, and is suited for all types of feed bowls.

One Pigipro ALFF can be use to feed two litters at the same time.

  • Wean more piglets per sow
  • Less foster sows
  • Low investment
  • Short payback period



For any inquiries please email / call


Chris Mollan:

077 3906 1672 (North)

087 655 7575 (South)