Preserving the Top layer of silage and inhibiting growth of moulds and fungi at the surface

Research shows that it takes 18 inches of settled silage to make six inches of waste, which is often the seen on the top of silage pits, not to mention what appears along the walls and face of the pit.

On a silage pit 30ft x 50ft this would result in 45 tonnes of silage having to be dumped. At a conservative value of €19.05 per tonne, this results in financial loss of some €857.07 to the farmer concerned, not to mention the labour involved in removing the waste from the pit.

There are a number of reasons why silage at the top of the pit is difficult to preserve.

Even with adequate rolling and sealing, air pockets often remain between the grass and the cover.
The second major reason is that during the fermentation process, heat is produced which rises, carrying with it water vapour.

This water vapour condenses when it reaches the plastic at the top of the pit, making the silage wetter at the top of the pit and thus more difficult to preserve. The combination of air,
very wet silage and heat, make an ideal environment for moulds and fungi to multiply. These bacteria and fungi consume the nutrients present in the silage, causing the silage to rot and form the formation of a black layer, as often seen in silage pits.

Sila-Save has been developed over a number of years to help farmers overcome this problem. Sila-Save is a unique blend of organic acids and mould inhibitors.

Now containing I100 Triple Action Mould Inhibitor for:

  • Improved preservation at the Surface
  • Improved mould inhibition at the surface
  • Improved fungi Inhibition at the surface

The application of Sila-Save at the recommended rate results in a reaction between the grass, the Sila-Save and natural condensation under the cover of the pit. The organic acid seeps down
through the vulnerable 18 inches of the pit, preserves the top layer of the silage and inhibits growth of moulds and fungi at the surface.

Sila-Save is marketed in a 20kg bucket, and is applied to the silage prior to covering, at a rate of 500g per square yard. This means that a 20kg bucket will treat some 40 plus square yards of your pit.

Sila-Save is a small investment, which will provide a huge dividend come next season’s feeding.


    • Apply Sila-Save at 500gm per square yard. It is simply applied to the top of the pit prior to covering. For very high dry matter silage use 750gm per square metre. Ensure product is applied at the recommended rate.
    • To reduce spoilage on the sides, apply an 18 inch band around the pit at 18 inch high intervals.
    • Typically a pit 30ft x 50ft will need 4 to 5 buckets for total coverage.
    • Always wear rubber gloves and goggles when handling.
    • Exercise good silage making practice when ensiling, Sila-Save is an aid and is not intended to replace good silage making practice.
    • Roll pit before applying Sila-Save. Do NOT roll after applying Sila-Save.
    • Cover pit immediately after the application of Sila-Save.



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