Silasave – To Prevent Silage Waste in your Pit

SilaSave is the only cost-effective solution to stop surface waste on silage pits. Surface waste presents a problem from a number of perspectives:

  • Loss of valuable fodder
  • The effects of the presence of moulds and mycotoxins on production, health and the fertility of your livestock, often not noticed
  • The amount of labour required to remove the waste and dispose of it in the spring
  • Managing the heap of rotten silage over the winter from a farm yard pollution point of view

Many farmers continue to have to deal with waste on the pit each year and no matter what they do they don’t seem to be able to prevent this problem. As well as being one of the most hated jobs in the farm yard removing waste from the top of the pit presents a significant health and safety hazard.

However, there is a simple cost-effective solution available. Inform Nutrition Ireland have developed a product called SilaSave to help dramatically reduce surface waste on silage pits. Now on the market for well over 20 years it is a well-proven solution.

SilaSave is a blend of carefully chosen acid salts + their triple action mould inhibitor. It is spread on the surface of the pit before it is covered. Condensation under the cover dissolves the SilaSave and it seeps down through the top layer of silage preventing any bug growth in this layer. SilaSave inhibits the growth of moulds, fungi and bacteria in the top layer of the pit.

It takes 1.5 feet of settled silage to make 6 inches of waste silage. Based on 6 inches of waste there is a potential for each bucket of SilaSave used to save 11 tonnes of silage.

Consider using SilaSave to:

  • To help reduce surface waste on your silage pit
  • SilaSave is a proven product, on the market now for over 20 years.
  • £££ To save money – SilaSave is a cost-effective way of reducing surface waste on silage.
  • The reason many farmers buy SilaSave is to reduce labour at feeding time

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Silasave – To Prevent Silage Waste in your Pit


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